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Happy BQ Day! (Part 1 of 2)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 11:13 PM
BQ Gets two days a year for being so awesome, her birthday, and her death day! 

And today is/was/is her Death day! She passed away 1524 due to a heart attack at the young age of 24, so for all day today, and hell maybe even the week, since I am finding it hard to be Maple online as of late, she will be taking over the account! (I just wanna upload one picture first--)
To kick it off her IC on a very VERY long meme!
(And yes she chose out the skin, I was tryin to find something blue or a black cat and she said the cat on here was addorible)


Your OC's full name: My name is Claude De Valois-Orleans, my birth name I mean.

What does their name mean?: My, I was named after a saint, granted it was more a boy's still works, and it is an honor to have such bestowed upon me.

Do they have a nic-name?: Why yes, I have several. "BQ" The Blue Queen, and Crystal.

Did they give themselves that nic-name or did friends/other give it to them?: My children normally, though I do recall others giving me a name of sorts like it if they were unable to pronounce my name.

Does their nic-name have a meaning or significance?: Well, of course! Anything to do with my children is signifigent, they gave me these nicknames, ergo, it is signifigent!

Are they Male or Female?: Female, being a queen I--no, there is the other type of queen.

What species/race are they? (Human, vampire, fairy, angel etc.): I was human, but now I am a ghost

How old is s/he physically (e.g a vampire may look 20 but they may really be 4000 or something)?: Physically I am 24 years of age

But really how old are they really?: Including my living years I am 514 years old.

Are they immortal?: Most ghost wouldn't be, however I am earthbound, meaning my soul will sadly never be reborn or go off to heaven or hell, so I must remain on this earth. I don't mind though, my children help me get through it.

Or do they just live longer than a normal human/creature?: Most human's live longer then myself, I must admit.

When is their birthday?: The most erm, 'fitting' for an elegent figure such as myself, Octorber 13th 1499, the worst day for a friday the 13th of any month

What year were they born?: 1499.

So that would mean their starsign is...?: Starsign, goodness I've heard of it but I don't know it myself to be perfectly honest!

And even though you probably don't care...their birthstone?: I'm afraid I do not know this off the top of my head, could it be that I was sleeping until I was awoken to do this meme? Perhaps that has something to do with it, of course I'm not mad! Just, a tad bit tired

What is their blood type? : I don't think I ever knew this one.

Their nationality: French! And proud of it!

Where does your character currently live?: I have many homes, one in Scotland with a nice young hunter boy, one in Canada with a valedictorian, and one over here in America, with a striving young writer.

What is their place in society? (e.g poor, rich, middle class, royalty etc): Royalty! I was, until I passed away, technically I am still queen since I never resigned, nor did I ever do anything bad, and even though I know if I were alive I wouldn't be accepted after that whole Marie Misunderstanding, however I do feel like I can call myself a queen.

When is your story set? Mine? As in real life? Well my living life was in the early 1500's, though my child's story takes place in the present.

Do they have a rank or title? (general, queen, duke, doctor…): Queen

Does your character have any allergies?: None

Do they have any other medical conditions?: Goodness, see this is a hard one, if I list them all I'd fear you'd get a better image of me, I was born with a clubbed foot, which resulted in a limp, added to uneven hips, bad scoliosis, easily stressed, I never ate, and other living conditions, and you get a girl who dies at the age of 24 due to a heart attack


What hair color do they have?: I used to have Flaxen light brown hair, now it's blue, occasionally up in flames.

What style do they have it in most of the time? (in a ponytail, pigtails, spiked up etc): Normally it's down, and curlish

How long is their hair when down?: Not that long, I'd say not past my shoulderblades, no, around a bit after my shoulderblades.

What color eyes do they have?: I used to have teal eyes, more of a mint, but now they're blue

Do their eyes have any powers? (Like flashing, changing color with their mood, controlling people): None, my only eye power is seeing.

Do they wear glasses or contacts?: None

Do these give them any powers?: None

What about their mouth do they have full lips, thin lips, a crooked smile?: Thin lips? I didn't realise you could get fat in your lips, that sounds unhealthy in ether face...

What kind of teeth do they have? (fangs, missing teeth, a gold tooth): My teeth are teeth, normal

What kind of nose do they have? (straight, crooked, covered in warts): My nose is a tad small I'll admit, but it's normal otherwise

Do they have a particular face shape? (heart shaped, wide jaw…): What--How are these things questions? If you do not mind me asking I mean

Do they have ear piercings?: None

If so how many?: None

Do they have piercings anywhere else, and if so where?: None

How tall are they?: Erm, when I was alive I was about 4'11, now I am about 5'2

What do they weigh?: My weight is none of your concern.

Are they overweight underweight or their ideal weight?: I'm not sure what counts as what...

Is their anything noticeable about their posture a slouch or standing up very straight?: None?

Do they wear nail varnish?: Varnish?

Do they dye their hair?: I wouldn't even if I could

If so what color was it originally, and what color do they dye it?: None

Do they have any birth marks?: Erm, no

Do these birth marks have any significance such as magical powers or show they are from a specific race?: ....None

Do they have any tattoos?: None

If so where?: None

Do they have any scars?: I am not at liberty to discuss this

If so where?: ...

How did they get it/them?: Next question please

Do they have any distinguishing features? (missing/extra limbs tails or whiskers included): I glow, I'm made of mostly fire now, so that's something.

Do they have any particular style? (Goth, emo, jock….): Style? Is queen a style? I'm honestly asking.

What do they like to wear?: Turtlenecks

Do they wear makeup? : None

Do they wear jewellery?: Sometimes I wear a small crown

Do they have any disabilities?: Any living disabilities go away when you die, your spirit can just, float.

Was it caused by an accident or were they born with it?: I was born with some though, as listed earlier

Are they left or right handed?: Right.

Magical properties

Can your character transform at all?: None

If so what can they transform into?: None

Do they use an item to transform or do they have another way?: None

If they use an item, what is that item?: None

Was your character born with this ability?: None

Or were they given the item suddenly and told they could transform?: None

Was the item theirs originally, and changed into a magical object by someone?: None

Or was the item just given to them mysteriously?: None

Or did they just find the item, and discover they could use it to transform at a later date?: None

If they were given this power, who gave it to them? (parents, random stranger, an animal, a friend etc…): Mon due just how many questions are there...

Did they expect to have this power or was it a total shock?: None

Is there a phrase your character has to ay before transforming? (like "Moon crisis makeup!" for sailor Moon"): None

So do they have a weapon?: None

If so what is it?: None

What magical powers or abilities does your character have?: None

Did someone teach them to use these powers?: None

Or were they left to discover them themselves?: None

Does your character use an item to attack or their own being?(Using a wand is an item but casting spells with hands is with their own being.): None

Are they a hero or a villain?: None, though I am more on the good side!

Does anyone else know they can transform?: None

Did they tell them or did they find out by accident?: None


Are they religious?: Oui!

Is your character superstitious?: Only a little

If so what religion do they belong to?: I am Christian.

Do they have any political beliefs?: None really

Do they belong to an organisation or cult?: No!

Are they the founder of the organisation or cult?: Also no!

What are your character's views on sex and relationships? (do they think it's okay to sleep around or would they rather marry before losing their virginity that kind of thing.): I-I can't answer this, I mean I was forced to marry at a rather young age! And the times were different, Granted I did meet someone else but, My personal life is none of your business!

Is this unusual for their time? (If they're in a time and place where sex outside of marriage is suicide but they do it anyway): Erm...

Does your character have any views on life after death?: I--

Has your character ever murdered someone?: No!

If so was it in self defence?: I would never!

Or revenge?: Never!

Was it a one off, or do they kill a lot? (whether they're an assassin or not.): What are these questions this took a dark turn!

Do they agree with murder in general?: Not really!

Are they violent?: No!!

Is there a reason for this such as a personality disorder?: This is right up Cat's allyway

Or do they just have a short temper?: I don't unless I'm being asked such questions.

Does your character agree with stealing?: It depends on the situation, if the person needed it and it was the only way, or if it's for family, or such.

What is your character's outlook on life, are the optimistic pessimistic or other?: Optimistic!

Is your character vain?: I wouldn't think so!

Is your character outgoing, shy, or somewhere in between?: In between I would imagine

Does your character have any secrets?: ...Don't we all..?

Has your character ever been depressed?: Yes...

Has your character ever self harmed or tried to commit suicide?: Well...When I was alive I attempted suicide but, I was caught before I could even try, I wouldn't have followed through though

Does your character believe in monogamy or polygamy?: Again, it depends

What are your characters views on homosexuality?: If you asked me that when I was alive I would have told you "I cannot say what will happen in the afterlife, but as long as the person is happy then I cannot but in, now can I?" And I still agree, except that god love each and everyone of us, I have had many homosexual children and I know it's harder for them then for most of my children, so seeing them happy is, amazing..!

Is this unusual for their time? (If they live in a time and place where homosexuality is frowned upon yet they are homosexual themselves.): In my time era yes homosexuals would have just, yes, it was a bad time, I must admit, simpler but worse.

Is your character rebellious?: Non

Or do they follow the rules?: I prefer rules and order.

Does your character believe in destiny, or do they believe they control their own fate?: I shouldn't admit this, but being a spirit I can see everyone's fate, though I only really check my child's fate, I do believe if she really tried she could change it, though I do know a path for her has been set.

How does your character react/cope with rejection?: My, Rejection implies I put myself out there.

Does your character have a certain catchphrase or motto?: I don't really have one, oh! Should I?

What kind of sense of humour do they have?: I do enjoy a good pun!

Is your character always honest or a liar?: Mostly honest! Erm, I try to be!

Are they trusting or suspicious?: I try to trust! But, U have been burned before

Can your character be trusted or are they themselves deceitful?: I can be trusted!


What's their sexuality?: I am Straight, but biromantic

Do other characters agree with this?: Huh?

Do they have a lover?: Well erm...

If so who are they?: Well...

How did they meet?: Umm...

Did the automatically get together, or were hearts broken before they did?: Before, and still

What does your character like about their partner?: I am not going to list anything

What does your character dislike about their partner?: For certain reasons

Are they or have they been married?: I have before, in life

If so was it your character or their partner who proposed?: But, not to them

Has your character had any forbidden romances?: I beleive I specified this already and am not obligated to provide an answer.

With the villain/hero/person from a forbidden community?: Non

While they were dating/married to someone else?: Oui

Did/does anyone else know?: Two of my 'servants', Zachery and Anna

If so, how did they find out, were they told or did they catch your character and their secret lover?: One was told, the other caught

Did your character's partner/family/community find out about the forbidden romance?: My partner did, though, he was also engaged with others at the time, so there was no fuss made, but we still kept it secret, for fear of what the people would think.

Were your character and secret love forced to end their relationship?: No...

Or did it all work out eventually, resulting in your character staying with his/her forbidden partner?: Him and I remained together, until he died...

How old was your character when they had their first crush?: Around 11

Did it end well?: He was the only man I deeply loved

How older was your character when they had their first boyfriend/girlfriend?: I was engadged around 6 years old, there wasn't time to have boyfriend and girlfriend's when you're royalty, you get put together with someone, have heirs, then lose your perpous, being royalty then is not nearly how ugh, england, and what have you has it now

How old was your character when they had their first kiss?: Around 4 I beleive, for public apperences when we first had me meet Sir Francis

Has your character lost their virginity?: Well, yes--

If so at what age, and if not what age would they like to lose it?: I had to lose it when I was married, so at age fourteen

Did they willingly lose their virginity?: Willingly, that word speaks many meanings. Let's just say if I had a choice, I would have said no, but, that was my job, to have children, so I had to do along with.

Other relationships

What are your character's biological parents' names?: Anne and Louis

Are your character's parents still alive or are they dead?: They both died by, gosh, I beleive my father was still alive when I was fifteen but he died before sixteen, so I'd say they both were dead when I was around sixteen years of age, sadly

What do they do for a living, or what did they do?: They were the previous Queen and King of France

Does/did your character get along with their parents?: Of course I did!

Does/ did your character admire or look up to their parents?: Well...

Are your character's parents still together?: They were up until death.

If your character was adopted what are their adopted parent's names?: None

Are their adopted parents still alive or are they dead?: None

What do they do for a living, or what did they do?: None

Does/did your character get along with their adopted parents?: None

Are your character's adopted parents still together?: None

Has your character always known they were adopted?: None

Or were they told when they were older?: None

Were they angry they weren't informed sooner or did they understand?: None

Does/ did your character admire or look up to their adopted parents?: None

Does your character have any siblings?: Oui! I had a younger sister, Rene! 

How many and what gender?: Just the one, female.

Are they still alive?: She lived much longer then I did, though that was hundreds of years ago, sadly she isn't still alive.

Does/did your character get along with their siblings?: Yes!

Does/did your character look up to or admire their siblings?: I do say I have to look up AND Admire Rene, she did all the things I had hoped, nay, prayed to do in my life, she was quite the adventurer.

Does/Did your character's sibling(s) have to care for your character due to the death or abandonment of parents?: It was the other way around, I had to care for her due to all of it, when I was 10 years old she was born, so both parents had passed by the time she was 6, Me being the elder sibbling and the one who understood what was happening I raised her like a daughter, when I could, othertimes Aunts or other family came in I mean.

Does/did your character have to care for a younger sibling or siblings due to the death or abandonment of parents?: Oh, I didn't notice this question

Does your character have any children?: Promise me you won't judge...

If yes, how many, what age and gender?: My first child was Louise, she only lived two years, god bless her
My second was Charlotte
My third was Francis, a celebration of an official male heir (I was the heir but I was female, due to french law I wasn't allowed the throne, the same happened with my mother too.)
My fourth was Henry
My fifth was Madeline
My Sixth was Charles
And my seventh and last, was Margret
I-I said! Queens and Royalty of such back then were forced to produce heirs...

Are their children still alive?: All but my first born lived past me

Does your character keep contact with their children?: If only...

Is your character a single parent?: No, but sometimes it felt like it.

If so does the father know he has children? (A mother would know since she has to give birth, unless your story is set somewhere where men give birth.): Well, I can honestly say that there is a very good chance that most of them are probably indeed Francis's!

Was your character's child/ren the result of a long term relationship?: Oui!

Or was it due to a one night stand?: Erm

Or even rape?: Heavens no!

If it was rape does your character know who the father is?: No!

Was it someone she trusted/loved once, or an enemy or random stranger?: Not even a little! Wait, I meant on the rape thing not on the question!

Is your character a good parent?: Yes, well I beleive I am!

Do your character's children respect/look up to your character?: Some prefered their other relitives, but I don't expect a child to really cling to their mothers, most I've seen try to be indipendent.

Or do they hate your character?: I don't think they did! Now them and Francis on the otherhand...

If they hate your character, why is that?: He kind of, had them replace him as Prisoner before, well, only breaks my heart remembering that, of course I was already dead but,  had to check up on them!

Does your character have any friends?: Oui! I have lots! Well, do my children that I gaurd count?

Do they have a best friend?: I did! ANne!

If your character is magical, did they meet their friends due to their magical powers? (e.g Mew Ichigo being friends with Mew Mint due to them both being transformed into mew mews): Non

Or were they friends before their magical encounter?: No

If your character is magical/supernatural, are their friends all magical/supernatural as well?: Also no

If not, do their non-magical/supernatural friends know about their abilities anyway?:  None

Do non-magical characters become jealous of your magical characters abilities?: None

Does this ruin their friendship?: None

At first sight what do most other character's think of your character?: I beleive Cat quotes that one song "This girl is on fire"

After getting to know them is your character what they first seem?: Well, I am indeed on fire

Is your character 'popular'?: I'm not exactly populer

Or is your character 'unpopular'?: Nor am I not

Does your character dwell on and live up to this label of popular/unpopular?: No?

Or do they not care and just do their own thing?: HUh?

Is your character bullied or looked down upon by another character/certain group of characters?: Cat gets on my nervs, does that count?

How does your character react to this person/group?: Ignoring it

Does your character have any pets?: Oh yes!

If so how many, what species what are their names?: I do make friends with the spirits of my children's passed away animals, their names vary from Kitty, to Shadow, to any childhood pet name.

Does your character have the ability to communicate with their pet(s)?: Well oui, I mean we all can talk to animals, getting them to reply is the hard part.

How does your character feel about people in general? (before getting to know someone do they automatically think people are evil): I believe everyone ha the potential to be good!

Is your character right to feel this way? (they believe someone is evil and it turns out they were right.): What way?

Is anyone protective of your character?: Sometimes my children  I gaurd

If so why?: They care for me, like I do them

Is your character protective of anyone?: My children! 

If so why? : wouldn't you?


Do they have any non-magical talents or abilities?: I'm fire, I could burn anothr ghost if I wanted, or someone who could feel a ghost

Does your character have any 'normal' talents? (drawing writing running etc): I can speak mutible languages, does that count

Does your character have any magical talents or skill in combat?: The fire count for this, no?

Does your character have any unusual abilities?: ...Fire?

Does your character have any unusual strengths? (Like a vampire that can go out in daylight): Sire

If so, is this due to a mutation or some kind of magical spell?: Well, some ghosts are elementals, i.e, joan of arc died in a fire ergo she is a fire elemental like myself. Though, I am not really one, I am but I'm not, my very first child saw me as a fire elemental, which gave me the apperence as one, though keeping it up through all this time made me into one, when faking becomes reality!


Where was your character born?: France

Was your character adopted?: None

If so were their adopted parents nice to them?: No

Has your character ever been abused sexually or otherwise?: No!

If so did your character tell someone?: No need because I hadn't

If none of these, were there any events in your character's past that has changed or traumatised them?: When the dearest Soldier died

Did your character look up to anyone when they were a child?: My first crush

Do they still look up to that person now?: It's dumb to say, but yes

Has your character ever lost someone close to them?: Yes...

Did they die, or did they just stop being friends/lover or have a fight?: Death..

Does your character have a past life? (Like sailor Moon being princess Serenity in the past): No

Does your character have any regrets?: Dear gosh, oh so many

Give us a back-story, it can be as short or long as you like- Lets, get onto a happier topic no?

Likes and Dislikes

Whether your character is still in school or not…: In my time era school was much different

What is their favourite subject?: Um...

What is their least favourite subject?: Huh?

What subject are they best at?: Embroidery?

What subject are they worst at?: Pose

So what is your character's favourite meal?: I do like Broche

Their favourite treat/ dessert?: Broche

Does your character like/drink alcohol?: I have to, being a flame it must be flamibe or else it'll burn me

What is your character's favourite drink?: Scotch

What is your character's least favourite drink?: Ice water

Favourite color?: Blue! Of course

Least favourite color?: Green! Of course

Favourite book?: My prayer book

Least favourite book?: so many things.

Favourite band/singer/song/genre of music?: There was one! Canvery Palace? Oh I don't remember the name byt my child showed me some of their music

Least favourite band/singer/song/genre of music?: I'd say Dubstep, it hurts my ears very much so!

Favourite Movie?: Phantom Of The Opera!

Least favourite movie?: Dougle and the Blue Cat! We do not talk about just, how offensive that movie is!! I came to watch it with my child and to have a good time and honestly I just felt so attacked!

Favourite computer/board game?: Ghost Trick!

Least favourite computer/board game?: War?

Your character's favourite place?: France! Paris to be exact

Their least favourite place?: England.

Their favourite instrument?: The Lute

Their least favourite instrument?: The, Dubstep, maker, machine, what makes that noise?

Does your character have any hobbies?: I so enjoy supervising

What are your character's strengths?: Polightness

What are your character's weaknesses?: I'm not sure..?

Does your character have any fears?: The rain is a dreadful thing for a flame.

Does your character smoke or have they ever smoked?: ...Is that a joke because--

Does your character take drugs, or have they ever taken drugs?: Good heavens no!

Are they clean now?: I was never dirty to begin with!

Is your character addicted to anything?: No

What makes your character happy?: Seeing my children happy

What makes your character sad?: Seeing my children sad

What makes your character angry?: Seeing my children hurt, or being hurt

Can your character cook?: I've tried, but it never comes out well

Do they enjoy cooking?: Sometimes, I suppose


Does your character sleep a lot?: Not really

Or are they an insomniac?: Well, Traveling from timezone to timezone, and being a busy queen making sure my children are alright, along with their families waking them up and me as well, makes me rather tired and on a weird sleep schedule

Do they stutter?: I do not.

Do they have any nervous twitches?: I tend to spark up a bit sometimes

Are they clumsy?: No, While I hated poise and prperness in learning, I am very well at it

Is their anything they do characteristically? (Play with their necklace/ fiddle with their hair all the time etc): No

Do they swear at all?: Never! ...Well, very VERY rarely!

Do they swear a lot?: No

Present and future

Does your character go to school college or university?: None

If so what do they study there?: Also none

Does your character work either full time or part time?: Full time gaurdian

What is your character's job if they have one?: Gaurdian, a gaurdian is a ghost that is good, and is sent to watch out after certain children, some ghosts ar ereapers, meaning they come in and officially kill people. and others like myself get to gaurd children, my friend is a gaurdian to suicidal children, I am a gaurdian to 'special' children.

Does your character enjoy their job?: It is the best job in the world.

If your character doesn't have a job, what job would they like to have?: THe one I do now, of course!

Your views

Is your character different now than when your first created them?: I remained the same always.

If so in what way?: None

Do you like your character?: I am liked, oui

Do you think you would get along with your character if they were real?: Of course!

Is your character based on a real person?: Why yes I am

Is your character based on another character, your own or otherwise?: None

What would your character's soundtrack be and why?(list as many songs as you like =) (Smile)): It's fully covered by "The Beast", a vocaloid song, this young sir or miss named Nano does a good cover of it!

If you feel like it, write a character bio, include whatever you like about your character: Thank you but, I started this at 11:50, it is 1:13, I would enjoy to head back to bed, please and thank you :)


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